Christopher Medley-Pole   VFX Artist/Compositor
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About myself -
I'm a freelance 3D digital artist in the San Francisco Bay Area with a broad skill set including team based production experience, high end Maya training, Nuke and After Effects compositing, spherical HDRI capture and utilization, as well as a background in fine art, photography, and business management.

Through my University and Tertiary experience in New Zealand I have built a solid design foundation on which I have added a broad technical skills base both in 2D and 3D software.

My focus is compositing in Nuke and After Effects, and 3D lighting. However I have experience in many other areas including render management, photography/spherical HDRI, layout/CG integration, MEL, rigging, and dynamics.

Take a few minutes to check out my reel and a more in-depth look at my 3D projects and photography, if you like what you see please shoot me an email or look me up on Linkedin.
Christopher Medley-Pole